Australian made & owned est. 2000

Custom made Products

At scale solutions we can custom make a wide variety of products to your specifications.

Model making

No matter what type of model you want made, whether it be a commercial model kit,
to a model built completely from scratch, from a house to a space ship, from a one off
or multiple copies. We can make the model with the detail you want and the quality you need.

Clown Doctor Suggestion box

Dr Laugh a Lot, suggestion boxes created for the Humor Foundation, approximately 1020mm high made from two part laminated fiberglass shells, with finish painted in artist quality paints.


clown doctor

Hubble Space Telescope

Scratch Built, 60cm long, 1/20 scale model of the Hubble Space Telescope, made from resin
with brass fittings and wooden display stand. Article detailing the construction of the model
was featured in Volume 4 of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller Magazine. Also pictured two smaller
executive presents related to the project.

hubble space telescop 

Jarvie Boult

Display case to house and protect first bolt manufactures by Javie Engineering, wooden
base with perspex's case and cast clear resin spanners holding bolt. 

Jarvie Boult

Goninan Train

Scratch built, HO scale models of New Prospector High Speed DMU, Designed and Manufactured
by United Goninan, Entered Service 2004. Models constructed from resin using blueprints and
photos of train suppled buy Goninan’s.

Goninan Train

John Hersee Master Painter Logo

Sculpture created for John Hersee Master Painter from company gnome logo. Models made from resin, 490mm high.

Gnome logo

Omni Wallet

1/1 scale model of Omi Wallet product prototype, with working hinge on screen and removable clear screen for easy replacement of screen grafics.

product prototype

Blood Pump

Blood pump model constructed for the Fluid Dynamics Department at Newcastle University. 1/1 scale exterior models and larger scale cutaway model.

Blood Pump

Architectural Models

Architectural models for commercial and domestic project.

Architectural Models

Transportation Boxes

Custom made Transportation boxes or display cases for any object, such as these transport containers for a fine art sculpture.

trasportation box

Resin Moulding and Casting

Wether you need multiple copies made form your pattern or you need us to create a pattern. We can create high quality silicon rubber moulds from the pattern that will produce cast resin parts that are highly detailed, dimensionally accurate to the pattern with minimal joint lines. Resin can be pressure cast to produce 100% bubble free castings in a range of resins with different performance characteristics including optically clear resin parts. We can also produce Fiberglass laminated parts. 

Female Androide cast resin fiberglass
FSM  Butterfly star treck phaser


From functional pieces through to art pieces, we use a range or Traditional charcoal forged iron,black smithing techniques with oil quenching, that produce pieces with a beautiful blackened corrosion resistant patinated surface finish. Pieces can also be inlayed with silver or other precious and non precious metals.
Thor's hammer forged iron inlay 24ct gold Forged iron inlayed silver thor's hammer forged iron inlayed silver mjolner
Metal Can Wallet Viking clench nails Bondage rings
Mjolnir silver inlaid Rune Set viking skillet

Fine Art

Works of Fine Art, produced in range of media across 2D and 3D art forms, from large
installations, through to small pieces, can be designed to suite your needs and surroundings.

Butterfly Water Colour Paintings

Series of paintings on stretched canvas painted with numerous layers of
acrylic and water colour artist quality paints sealed with satin lacquer between layers.

butterfly paiting

Butterfly Bas-relief Paintings

Series of bas-relief paintings made from resin painted in numerous layers of acrylic and water colour artist quality paints sealed with satin lacquer.

basrelief painting

Leonardo da Vinci Flying Machine

3.4 meter wingspan, Leonardo da Vinci flying machine, constructed using Leonardo's drawings as
reference. Constructed from Tasmanian oak and leather. Pictured when on display at Maitland
Regional Gallery.

da vinci flying machine

Butterfly Screen Prints

Limited Edition Butterfly Screen prints. Printed using artist quality UV stabilised ink one "Arches Paper" 100% cotton, acid free, archive quality paper.

butterfly screen print



Painting on archive quality custom made stretched canvases painted using acrylic and water colour paints.

monster teath


Graphite drawing on archive quality paper and stretched canvases.



Sculpture Constructed from wood and plastic.