Pricing & Policies

Basic Pricing and policies for custom made products.

Pricing is fifty dollars per hour plus expenses. Expenses being any materials required to construct the job such as paint, glue, resin, wood, metal, plastics and also transport costs if excessive distances need to be travelled to aquire specific materials. If a job is required to be built to a deadline that is excessively tight. The hourly price rises to one hundred dollars per hour after the first eight hours worked in a twenty four hour period and then to one hundred and fifty dollars per hour eight hours after that.
A non-refundable deposit equivalent to 2/3 the estimated cost of the job is required on commencement of work on the job.
All quotes given are based on materials cost plus labour required and are only an estimate. The actual finished cost may vary depending on the actual labour and materials needed. Though every attempt will be made to stay within a estimate.
Every attempt will be made to deliver a job by an agreed upon deadline. Though unexpected construction problems, or other unexpected problems may delay completion until after an agreed upon deadline.
Finished jobs may vary from Concept drawings, discussions and prototypes as necessary budgetary restraint and practical construction limitations may require.
All accounts must be finalised before delivery of job.
Jobs cancelled by client after commencement of work will incur a fee for the percentage of work estimated by Scale Solutions to have been completed.
All imagery, sculptures, designs and creations remain the Intellectual property of Scale Solutions unless otherwise negotiated.
All pricing is negotiable and quoted in Australian dollars